Welcome to Lancside Athletics

Private Gym in Durham, NC

Lancside Athletics is a 450 sq ft private gym located in Durham, NC equipped with a Peloton, Vulcan Power Rack, TRX Suspension Trainer, padded MMA/Body weight exercise area with heavy bag, over 500lbs in steel weights, and more!

We provide a space for individuals who are seeking to better themselves. We believe that health and wellness are the cornerstones of a good life and built this private gym to support those in our community who need a place where they can push their limits and improve their quality of life.

Please use the calendars above to schedule your private gym session where you can exercise in solitude or feel free to bring a friend – we trust that if you bring a friend regularly they will reach out to become a paying member of the gym.

You must be a member of the gym to  select a time frame (code required for entry). If you are not a member and would like to sign up, please reach out via the form below.

Personal Training available on request.

  • Gym Membership
  • You’ll have access to all the gym equipment, weights, matted area, etc.

    No Peloton Access

  • $20/mo
  • Gym Membership + Peloton Access
  • Gym Membership amenities plus General Peloton Access.

    The general Peloton profile is ‘Lancside’*

  • $35/mo
  • Gym Membership + All-Access Peloton Membership*
  • Gym Membership Amenities + you’ll create and use your own personal Peloton profile with an All-Access Membership*.

    *Limited to 18 personal profiles.

  • $40/mo
  • Gym Membership + Strength Training or MMA
  • For either the Morning Strength Training Group or the Morning MMA Group.

    The curriculum for both the Strength Training and MMA programs are provided.

  • $50/mo
  • Gym Membership + Strength Training AND MMA
  • For BOTH Strength Training & MMA Morning groups.
  • $80/mo

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